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moment here and change gears and say something to the president regarding the events of the past two weeks. some of you may not know this. i grew up in boston. my parents still live there. and my brother luke raised his family in watertown. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, mr. president, for visiting that great city and helping its people begin to heal with your inspiring words. it made a huge difference. [ applause ] it's been said recently that you don't mess with boston. as someone who grew up there, i'd like to echo that sentiment. it's really pretty simple. if you're going to pick on a city, don't choose one where nine out of ten people are related to a cop. don't do it. it's stupid. that includes myself. i have one more thing to mention before i go. everyone is obsessed with washington these days.
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you all saw how you went crazy for house of cards, homeland and this event tonight. hollywood can't get enough of your world. well, tonight, i'm excited to announce that turner broadcasting is going to make a miniseries about the big power players here in washington. they just finished the casting. i would like to announce who is going to play who. this is big. vice president joe biden is going to be played by bob barker. [ laughter ] >> former white house adviser, david axelrod will be played by higgins from magnum p.i. this was also produced by steven spielberg, by the way. representative paul ryan will be played by mr. bean.
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senator chuck schumer will be played by grandpa munster. senator harry reid will be played by the old man from the american gothic painting. fox news ceo roger als will be played by boss hogg. we signed the deal. speaker of the house john boehner will be played by tan mom. secretary of homeland secretary, janet napolitano will be played by paul giamatti. former white house chief of staff and chicago mayor rahm
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emanuel will be played by sooey from family guy. secretary of state john kerry will be played by an easter island head. i cannot tell those two apart. supreme court chief justice john roberts will be played by buzz light year. senator mitch mcconnell will be played by dame edna. cnn anchor wolf blitzer will be played by a furby. nra executive vice president wayne la pierre will be played by the face melt guy from raiders of the lost ark. and finally, white house press secretary jay carney will be played by ralphie from a christmas story.
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ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge honor. thank you very much. [ applause ] that was the 2013 white house correspondent's dinner. we're back with our guests ryan clayton, steven crowder and will durst. there were a lot of funny moments. noelle what was your favorite. >> i thought it would be over the top. the favorite part was when obama said hey, republican party, you can start your new outreach deal by reaching out to me, hello me. i thought it was totally funny and right on. >> ryan? >> it was a great time being here tonight. >> we had a lot of laughs onset. >> for sure. i think the best thing that the president talked about the super pacs and sheldon al son spending $100 million and the things he
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could have done with that money instead. >> and he should have offered it to the president. >> having the president of the united states and say we've got a government that's bought and sold by billionaire businessmen rather than one for and by the people. i hope that's him telegraphing he's going to do something about >> really? forget the politics, steven crowder? >> oh, many of a laundry list. firstly, out to a club hip hop song and immediately taking a jab at rush limbaugh told me this guy is just as scared as he seems to be classless. it's important to know he made the joke about the buzz feed. if you look on twitter, seems to have a lot of people outraged. parents who had their kids watching this. i want a great example to set. celebrities will say i didn't ask to be a role model. it appears that that excuse is valid for the president of the united states. conan came out, i loved that he came out and barack obama, they came out praised cnn, immediately bash fox news, chris christie, marco rubio, nra.
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this shows you what i always say that cnn is a propaganda network and what you take away from tonight, it was funny, the president did a great job. this was the cool kids sitting at the table, the liberals, celebrities, the administration snickering at the uncool kids. there was an air of elitiseliti >> i specifically remember a line that cnn covers all sides of the story in case one side is accurate. so there was a hit there as well. will durst, for you? >> i was looking at it from the vantage of a comic. i thought they both did well. it was tough for conan to come out there and he's following the president. not just following the president but following the president after a spielberg piece and then you had -- boston and texas and conan had to follow that. i thought he did a really good job. his best part was the montage at
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the end. again, both movies. it was the bye coastal circus summit. it was washington and hollood. >> the split photos were hysterical. we got to go in a minute. noelle, i got to tell you, my favorite piece was when the president says when he does his own library, instead of doing it at his place of birth, he'll do it in the united states. >> i thought that was great. >> it was fun. everyone, thanks for being with us tonight. noelle, steven, ryan and will. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter at judge jeanine. we'll see you next week. we're now going to go to red eye already in progress. he called you huge and stupid. >> ifr never met her before and i don't like her. i'm a dude. >> give it time. >> the fact that the russians didn't return the call has
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nothing to do with anything. >> they didn't close the case because the russians, they went up to the line what they're allowed to do. they didn't find evidence that would support following this case or keeping the file open and they shut it. when they shut it and reported back to the russians, we don't have anything, do you have anything else, the russians, of course, they're not going to open it. >> this is going nowhere. i want to bring bill into this which i know will make it even more nowhere. here's the thing. are there just too many people on terror lists? >> that was my question for you. big stupid man. is there something to be said for the fact that it's too much information, that maybe we're monitoring too much -- it is run by human beings. they've got their fingers in a bunch of different holes. i mean that in a pg-13 way. maybe there's too much to disseminate. is it just too much. that's why it slipped through the cracks. >> i keep going back to the same
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thing. slipping through the cracks. slipping through the cracks. they did what they're supposed to do, right? >> right. following orders, hey, mike? >> following the orders of the american public and congress and the media and all those advocates of civil liberties imposed upon law enforcement in the united states. >> now i get where you're going. okay. blame the left wingo owe. >> that's what i mean. >> i want to ask john a question. you are a lawyer. we got the governor of massachusetts saying they can't release this information on the suspects. is it because it's against the law but can you still get that information? why is it a good idea not to release it? >> i don't think it's a good idea not to release it. i don't think it's going to do much except incense us more. if the notion is well, these guys have to buy their fireworks and buy their crock pots and buy their backpacks because taxpayers were paying for that, that will infuriate us more. it won't keep us safer in the
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future. >> they have released it. >> the welfare stuff? >> yeah. >> earlier today? >> why didn't you tell me that? >> thanks, bill. >> i didn't write the story. >> no, they did. the parents will she have food stamps from january 2003 to march 2003 and august to june of 2010. the brothers never received welfare benefits. so there's something to be said about well maybe we shouldn't be paying these very strange parents. the kids themselves never received welfare. >> the parents, were they just fleecers? >> i mean the refugee status, was that real? >> yes. i mean, you could argue that the -- we're very sensitive to the russian treatment of the chechens. dagestan has a serious problem. she's from dagestan, he's from chechnya. i can buy the fact that they ended up here, they got their status. that part doesn't bother me. you know, what bothers me is the
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hypocrisy of people who want to act like action jackson and say why weren't we on these people, monitoring this guy? if they step back and quit with the histrionics and look at what they're allowed to do, they'll see that's what they did. i'm puzzled as to the action characters you could have pulled from. you chose carl weathers, an interesting choice. >> i like him too. >> i think we've beat this into the ground. >> i don't think so. >> you want to keep going? >> i have one more thing. on another network which i don't mention, but it rhymes with cnn, bali, the gym, it's always cnn going on. there are pictures of the older brother boxing. i don't know if you've seen the pictures. he's always relaxed, shirtless like this. i'm thinking to myself, isn't this what they want? like if you know you're going to die and whether it's -- this is
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actually better than 72 virgins. immortality through the media. he was thinking in his head, i'm going to be known forever. all cnn does is show a guy posing and then 60 minutes interviews like ex-girlfriends and stuff like that. isn't by doing that, john, aren't we basically guaranteeing that this happens again because it makes it appealing to losers? >> yeah. now he's famous. not just famous, he's a good looking terrorist. that's the worst kind. >> yeah. >> you're a good looking spy. >> yeah. one doesn't balance out the other, though. >> you know, here's what ticks me off. can i make one quick point? you know how quick i am to the point. >> we got six minutes left. >> we're lost in semantics. i remember when this -- when the explosions touched off, everybody wanted to be, these two guys, disgruntled and i
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don't see any foreign influence. then i don't see any connection to al qaeda. they want to keep it in this box. we keep avoiding the bigger issue, which is look, this is what radical islam, jihadism is about and what they've been about for several years now. we took away their permanent training bases, killed their operational leaders in al qaeda, above al qaeda is the concept and very real and dangerous of radical islam. they want to identif people, if i'm somebody, if i'm a jihadist. those two brothers are who i'm looking for. whether they self-radical eyes and never get their hands-on them and they carry out a terrorist act or as in the case here, they provide training to tamerlan in dagestan. it doesn't matter. the end result, it's a terror act. that's what they've been doing in europe. it's a successful campaign on their part. >> exactly. we enable it by giving attention to these dirt bags.
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>> all right from terror to teams. they made girls kiss and parents are pissed. an upstate new york middle school held an anti-bullying program focused on home owe sexuality and gender -- they're told they asked one another for a kiss and pretend they were lesbians on a date. bill and i have done that many times. they were advised it was completely normal for 14-year-olds to have sex and were given a sexual vocabulary list that featured terms like gender, year, two terms i often use to describe bill schulz, again. the district superintendent stands by the workshop saying it focused on improving culture, communication, self-perceptions. you know what i'd like to workshop? this.
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[ laughter ] >> i need to see that at least two more times in this show. or perhaps forever. the idea of throwing the little duck in there. it wasn't necessary but it made it. it was the side order to an entree of cute. >> i get the cat in the dinosaur costume. you know what this needs? >> they put them on a roomba. is that what it's called? >> you don't have one. >> this story, john a, is this appropriate for 13 and 14-year-old girls to be asked to kiss. please say yes. come on bill. >> this school is in my county. they took an anti-bullying workshop and turned it into
8:16 pm
littleth fair. bullying is not a gay or straight thing. why didn't they turn it into anti-bullyi anti-bullying. leave the weird words, what did they -- >> gender kwooer. >> what does that mean? >> you're absolutely right. anything that helps reduce bullying is great. but this went over the line and fulfilled the stereotype of the vacuous left wing college student who comes with stupid ideas and instead of being about don't beat up each other, respect each other, it was about sexual indoctrine nation which feeds into the fear of parents for believing there is indocket rinne nation. you just proved that it is indoctrination. >> if these girls were in their 20s, i'm all for it. >> you're a heck of a person. >> 13 and 14-year-olds. it's pathetic. it's sad. you know, as a father of young
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kids, i would be absolutely pissed if i found out that the school was doing this without at first clearing and saying, do you want the option of not having your kid attend something like this? and then giving specific detail so that you can make an informed decision? >> here's the thing, bill. okay. they did this with young girls. they didn't do it with boys. because they knew they would lose their jobs. so what does that tell you? why do you think they picked girls? because it's different and it's okay. >> girls are physically weak. it's easier to get them to do things. guys are strong and smarter. >> oh, my -- >> jonah, could you just punch him in the face? >> i will do that. >> girls i love. >> this was a no means, no opportunity. they were trying to teach that too. how to say no to a sexual advance. that's universal. that's not a gay or straight thing.
8:18 pm
>> exactly. >> moron i can. >> no matter what happens the rest of the show, the highlight was listening to baker correct you. that should be a sound byte on some radio show. whenever things go south, have a button say that. >> faltered by gender year. >> the difference maker. >> four essential vitamins. protein needs. we got to take a break. coming up, what is it like to be a cia agent? mike baker discusses his new book. it's better than your lonely stupid life you dumb loser. up next. should nonamericans be allowed on jury duty. does that mean she can finally serve? @ marjorie, i can't stand you. you're too perfect.
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do they deserve to serve? and is it a gain or a pain? i love to rhyme. california, whatever that is, has passed legislation that would make it the first state to allow noncitizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty. women are still not allowed thank god. joke. the bill's sponsor, a democrat, i have to say joke so people don't get mad. a democrat, the sponsor, says it will widen the pool of prospective jurors. i hate ps and help integrate immigrants into the community. while republicans argue it's miss nieded and immature. which are two words. what does this mean for the courts? let's go to the chief legal correspondent of red eye. >> video --
8:23 pm
>> we are hitting all cylinders. >> wow. >> you know what that needed, though, a duck. >> yeah. >> no, no. you know what happened? they had a duck but they looked at this and that and said they don't need a duck. that's what you call doing more with less. if you need a duck, no. that looks like a duck. >> i'm being told by the producers thathere was a duck in that video. it was ground up and that's what the cat was eating. >> i hate to put a -- >> jonna, this idea of noncitizens serving on a jury, is that the story we started with. is that a good idea? >> let me give you the best idea. let's only have noncitizens sit on juries because nobody else wants to do it. nobody -- the only people who sit on juries now are retired people and stoners.
8:24 pm
that's it. >> right. >> we brought in the noncitizens, we would widen the pool. we don't have a jury shortage. why is this an issue? >> baker, they're doing the jobs that nobody else wants. it's almost like educational tourism. they can come here from another country and learn about our system while putting people to death. >> i did not think i would be the only person at this table on this side of the discussion. i think it's a complete mistake. i think it's watering down what it means to be a citizen in the u.s. you know, i take offense at the idea that nobody wants to do jury duty. >> they don't. >> i think it's an honor to do that. i think everybody should have their time in the barrel. >> in the barrel? >> you know what i mean. >> it's an important part of being a citizen. >> when was the last time you sat on a jury? >> honestly, i was in the process. i have never been selected.
8:25 pm
>> that's a surprise. >> someone would look at me and my background and say they don't want me on this jury. >> easy for you to say. >> i think it's a complete mistake, noncitizens on a jury. >> pish posh. >> the lawyer says it's a waste of time. i side with the lawyer. >> you disagree with me on the bombing thing. >> only sat with me 20 minutes and two reasons to hate me. >> i feel like we're in the beginning of moonlighting in the early season. then they had sex and they hated each other. that's what happened. >> it's the sam and diane syndrome, greg. i've told you a million times. >> you told me how the evening is going to end. >> i talked to a few of my conservative friends. we have a think tank downstairs. they believe that this could be the next step to voting for noncitizens then running for office and poisoning the water supply. that's what you said. >> your friends are smart.
8:26 pm
>> do you think that's true? leaving out the water supply, this is all about voting and running for office? >> it's a slippery slope. where it would end up, i don't know. it's extreme to go that direction. it's watering down what it means to be a citizen. for some reason we seem to be a pol jet i can. >> the united states, it's over. we're gone. we're now belgium. look at everything we've come to expect. >> the economy in belgium is booming. >> that's why we should all move to hershey, pennsylvania. have you ever been to the amusement park there? >> i have not. >> you drive-by and smell the chocolate. are you sure that wasn't your apartment? >> you know what, you might be right. >> i don't own a car. >> i kept driving by barbara hershey's house. >> all right. collagen. haven't seen her in a while.
8:27 pm
huge lips that i believe were fake. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> i'm not even going to throw in allegedly. she had collagen surgery. look it up. >> nobody is going to look it up. >> it's a fact. >> you know what we need on this show. >> collagen. >> a duck. >> halftime is going to be full of ducks and cats. and andy levy. do you have a comment, e-mail us at red eye@fox do you have a video of your animal doing something like that, like those guys. go to fox eye. click on submit a video. the halftime report from andy leafy, he's like a cat/duck hybrid. sponsored by baguettes. those long thin loaves. thanks, baguettes. ♪ using telemedical and mobile technologies,
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we're back. let's find out if there's anything wrong so far. we go to andy levy. i hear halftime is brought to you by gender year. >> i'm going to explain to you what that means in a little bit. >> it has a specific meaning. >> let's talk about the boston bombers first, though. >> all right. >> mike, a couple of questions, if that's okay? >> fine. fire away. >> i would remind you that you are under oath. >> andy, could you remind him that this show is only an hour long. >> good point. >> mike, i do want to get to
8:32 pm
this. it's important. i know it bothers you when you made it clear when people like me, who are vocal about limiting government power to track people, read their e-mails et cetera, then ask things like why the fbi and the cia didn't do a better job tracking tamerlan tsarnaev. why didn't the fbi and cia do a better job tracking tamerlan tsarnaev? >> you know what, i hate to beat a dead horse and keep going over the same thing. >> i don't think you hate t i think you love beating a dead horse. >> that's why i moved to idaho. >> that's terrible. >> that's not what they do. >> to answer your question, i'd have to go back and repeat myself. >> sure. >> i don't want to do that. >> no reason to. >> honestly, i hope i answered your question. >> let me ask you to move forward. you brought up the fbi did exactly what they were supposed to do, i completely agree with you.
8:33 pm
people kept saying that he slipped through the cracks. but did he? did the fbi and cia determined in 2011 that he had no connections to terror activities. is it not possible that he had no connection to terror activities in 2011? >> exactly right. we know for a fact they both started to self-radical eyes and it got ramped up on his trip. i don't know why it's difficult for people to understand. he twoent dagestan for seven months. it's got an enormous problem with extremism, jihadism. why? people are confused that he received training and things there. at that point the case was closed. no just cause for the fbi to surveil him. >> yeah. also in this case it turned out he ended up being a bad actor. everyone is acting as if the fsb asked us to investigate. this is putin's country, not the gold standard for what we're concerned about, is it?
8:34 pm
>> absolutely not. going back to what the russians, fsb were interested in, was do we have a problem here, is this guy going to -- is he a chechen separatist. i guarantee the fsb is sitting on information about him, including what -- you think the fsb wasn't paying attention to him while he was in dagestan? they have information about him and they're not sharing it with us. they should be the ones getting kicked. >> don't ask questions i can't understand. you know what this reminds me of, though? it reminds me if president obama got hemorrhoids, we would have 340 million amateur proctologists. do you know what i mean? >> good point. >> i'd be first in line. >> when something like a terror act, we legitimately as americans all read and read and we all become the expert and you have people, for example, i don't mean questioning the fbi and cia, i'm talking about
8:35 pm
idiots that questioned the bombing. like that guy you had on thursday night on red eye. >> right. >> what was that? >> sorry about that. >> i don't know how he snuck in. but no, it's like somebody has all this innate knowledge, become experts. that's why i like having baker on. it reminds me that i am an idiot. i am. what's wrong with boldly asking questions? >> what is wrong with that? >> p.s. grassy knoll. >> you got at this. the fbi did ask russia for more information but they didn't drop the case because they didn't hear back from them. the case was closed. >> no. they closed the case because russia didn't return the call. that's what i'm telling you. they asked for more information. russia is like kind much busy now, get back to you. they didn't and closed the case. >> kind of a love 'em or leave 'em. >> can you ask her where she's
8:36 pm
getting her details? >> where are you getting your details? >> the internet. >> where everyone else gets their details, on the internet. >> last thing on this before i move on. this terrorist database tied. >> it stands for terrorist identities data environment. they picked words to make an acronym for this? >> absolutely. >> we need to stop doing that. >> i want to point out before we move on andy, we haven't had baker on since he moved to idaho. i forgot how great he smells. america doesn't know t you smell like the inside of a faberge egg. smell him. >> it's really good. >> it's stunning. >> it is stunning. >> there's a party in my nose right now and eric is invited. >> i traveled from boise so bill could put his nose on my chest. >> bill just said there's a party in his nose and everybody is invited. there's a lot of room in there.
8:37 pm
>> actually, you know what -- >> there's a lot of people running around quickly talking about their screen plays in there. >> there's a party in my nose and one man is invited. i'll meet him at 48th and 6th after the show. you asked what the word means. >> yes. >> it refers to people who identify as a nonnormative gender such as neither manor woman, moving between two or more genders, third gendered or other gendered. >> thank you for that clarification. >> baker, could you say the word. >> there's no problems with definitions but why confuse the heck of a child. maybe it goes back to sex ed in general. this is what happens. people make fun of people talking about the slippery slope. but maybe they're right. >> including you. >> i make fun of slippery slope
8:38 pm
and i realized that's what it was. >> according to one report, i don't know if it's confirmed or not. a parent of a student said in their workshop, they split up the guys and the girls. the boys were taught to -- how to "decipher if a girl is a -- based on how they dress or how many boys they date,". >> i don't like that word. >> doesn't it seem like we should go back to sex ed. it should be that one black and white film they show and put the guys in one auditorium and you learn about when bobby -- that's the end of it. you walk out and look at each other like let's go play dodge ball. >> i did not see that film. but i'll look for it on the internet when i get home. >> i'm writing down the word we have to bleep. bobby? auditorium? >> now we got to do it twice. lastly the california house votes on letting noncitizens sit
8:39 pm
on juries. peers? that's a fallacy anyway. >> we have to bleep fallacy. >> to her point, if they could serve in the military, if there's no constitutional issue of -- i stole that idea from somebody else. i was not smart enough to come up with that. >> i was going to say, that was an unusually good point. >> lastly, mike, you take offense at the fact that nobody wants to do jury duty. i think it's fine you take offense at that, but it's true. if you tell foreigners, if they come to america they have to sit on juries, they're not coming. >> i think if you get out of the northeast, if you go out to the heartland and other parts of the country and you talk to people, they view it as an important part of their citizenship. >> mike, mike, mike, the country is new york and los angeles. stop your -- >> the man goes to boise and somebody he's the heart of
8:40 pm
america. >> come on. >> you got a pickup truck yet? >> i do. >> do you really? >> of course. >> what kind? >> a 1991 jeep wagon near. >> that's like a cool retro early on suv. >> you're an idaho hipster. >> why don't you have a vintage remodeled land cruiser? >> the fender with the tire on -- >> exactly. >> that would be nice. i will get one. >> this is my compost heap. >> coming up, does tom cruise love -- he has a lot of life ses sons to share. bill schulz doing something dumb? yep, bill schulz doing something dumb. [ male announcer ] you could be at the corner of "medicare part d"
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. should a viewer beware of a sign in times square?
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it's the other times square story this week you didn't hear about. every morning i pass by an obnoxious looking billboard feature four hipsters advertising an irritating tbs program men at work that i watch every night. the sign ruins my day before it begins because it reminds me to watch the show. interestingly, this paint by numbers sitcom slumber has somehow gotten renewed for a second season. yes! i decided to have our most ratings killing reporter investigate. i hope i dies. >> unnecessary. for six years, i've been trolling the blocks of times square asking questions like what is truth? what is life? why are we here? there's one thing i have yet to answer. what is that? this is a show about four dudes living and loving and working at a magazine called full steam. which i believe is about saunas. does that make you want to watch it more or less? >> maybe more. it sounds pretty intriguing, i
8:45 pm
guess. saunas are hot. >> they are. by definition. >> doesn't look funny. >> what does it look like to you? >> i don't know. a bunch of guys stalking people. >> this is a thing. is it something you'd watch? >> no. >> why is that? >> i know the characters. i don't really like them to begin with. that one there from '70s show? >> that's right. >> he just never impressed me. >> why did he not impress you? was it his overall demeanor. the fact that he would say he's ashton kutcher. >> looks boring. >> what about is it boring? >> it's all boys. >> i think we can all agree about boys. gross. >> do you think that men at work is a, about an all pop rock band? is it four single dudes working at a magazine. four guys not dying from psoriasis but living with it. or did.
8:46 pm
[ bleep ]. >> probably d? >> what does the beard say? rather successful hipster. it's a bit emo, a bit out of touch, a bit in touch, a guy who likes to be touched. >> i think they've been using just for men. >> just for men. actually, that would appeal to the logo channel. just for men and it would be 18 and over. not for you. >> i've watched it. >> hold on. wow. this is a moment. nobody here even knows what this is. you have seen an episode. give me your view? >> i thought it was pretty funny. >> what part was funny? >> taking away from the show. which one do you relate to? >> probably the black guy. >> why is that? >> because i'm pretty much black. >> i don't ceclor. >> can i ask you a couple quick questions about that? [ bleep ]. >> i think she said go fox news.
8:47 pm
>> finish this sentence. >> tbs. >> used to be good. >> the truth hurts. tbs? >> is that like a classic channel? i don't know. >> that was the original classic -- >> i don't even know, question mark. >> tbs? >> hilarious. >> say it like you've had a loss in the family. >> tbs? >> very funny. >> say it as if you were oliver a british orphan. >> it's very funny. >> in eastern european accent and been hit by a car. >> very funny. >> perfect. >> this time you're a guy with a speech impediment. >> very, very funny. >> finally the midget in twin peaks that speaks backwards. >> tbs. >> funny very. >> perfect. >> is there anything you found salvageable about this ad campaign? >> it's in times square, right? that's got to help. >> that's all we can say about the current tbs ad campaign. it's in times square.
8:48 pm
>> i got to point out something, bill. you were surprised about people knowing about this show. and you work at red eye. i think they have a larger audience than we do by maybe -- you know why? >> you know why? i'm not trying to tell our media department how to do their job. maybe we need to be in times square. >> this is about a billboard. >> yes. >> this is not about men at work at all, bill. we want a billboard. could we get graphics to give me a beard. >> i have a better idea. i want a real billboard. i want bill hammered on a sign, a live billboard. >> hammered with nails or pleasantly drunk? >> both. >> i'll see you halfway. we will impale me and i'll be on the chivas. i enjoyed the joy. it's as though it's from another
8:49 pm
decade. >> absolutely. >> it really is. >> it's like this issed mid-season replacement for the show after friends. >> it's entourage for people who think entourage goes a little too fast. >> more stuff when we come back. stick around. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business.
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last topic. at montana state university, they have them there. a herd of therapy dogs is waiting to be pet by a bunch of tweaked out trust funders. the dcanines are there to help students relax as they study for brutal final exams. it's called paws to destress. meanwhile, stressed out slops at the school have been given therapy cats. >> that's not god. >> that is not good, not going to end well. we've had amazing videos today. i was going to fire tom. >> now let's dock his pay.
8:54 pm
>> we'll dock his pay. >> let's duck his pay. >> quickly, baker, what is wrong with this world? i understand dogs for people who are injured. but these are students with stress. >> it's so pathetic. it's a continuing decline of america. >> thank you. >> i got a daughter a freshman at university. when i mentioned this to her, she said, what a load of crap. >> she ask about me? >> she does. she always does. never mind. anyway, we'll talk about it after the show. >> you're going to kill me. i'm not seeing you after the show. i condemn what he just said. jonna. are we being too hard on a program helping troubled students? >> a couple of shots of tequila is what i did before exams. that seemed to work pretty well. this is going a little too far. i love dogs, i love dogs so much, they should serve on juries. they don't need them before
8:55 pm
exams. >> citizens first. >> not really. >> i don't know, bill. we got you a therapy dog which you ate. >> delicious. >> it was delicious. >> i don't really have a question other than a comment. >> you know, i have nothing to add to this. i will say that i used to work out of bozeman at a ranch and one time a horse gave birth to a colt. i had never seen this before. the placenta came out after the horse. it was huge. looked like -- >> where are you going? >> dog ate it. >> the fact that you were standing in front of the ranch didn't qualify as working. sounds like brokeback mountain. >> i lived in the shed. with ned. >> no. i think if students need dogs to get them through class, do they need them to get through work too? take them to work. >> expect an environment with lots of affirmation and take their dog to work. >> and everybody gets a trophy. >> take your cat to workday for
8:56 pm
a long time. >> he's been vying for cats take andy to the phone day. >> can we take -- never mind. >> we're going to close things down with a post game wrap-up. fox eye. you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles reach between teeth with more brush movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up when you do.
8:57 pm
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8:59 pm
back for the post game wrap-up. how are you doing? >> what's that guy there? is that you mike michaelson? what are you doing? do you have anything coming up? >> huh? >> what? >> huh? >> all right. baker, what about you? what's going on? >> terrific event in d.c. for the cia officer's memorial foundation. if you're looking for a good foundation to help out, check it
9:00 pm
out. >> can i smell you again? thank you very much. goodbye everybody. harris falker. huckabee starts now. >> tonight on huckabee. >> we they were not involve would. america took my kids away from me. >> the bomber's mother america. investigators say they had plans to set off bomb in times square. were there warning signs that friendly and social johar, brainwashed by tamerlan. >> and why are democrats bailing out of the senate? >> inside of the courtroom of the abortion murder trial of dr. gosnel . a tribute t

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